Friday, September 26, 2008

Best Buds

Since Kennady started school all day Brooklyn and I have become really close. The other day I was taking Brooklyn to a friend's house and then I was going to the store. On the way she asked me if I was going shopping all alone. I told her that I was and she got all sad and said to me, "But Mom, we're best buddies." My heart melted, she is such a sweetie. She also told me that I could come and play at her friend's house with her. I am so glad she is so concerned about me. Isn't it great to be a mom!

Monday, September 15, 2008

First day of school

Seeing as this is our first post ever and we're still not quite sure what we are doing, instead of coming up with some clever story or excuse for why it has taken us so long to actually start this, we thought we'd just show you our girls and their first day of school. Kennady just started first grade and is loving it so far. Like a typical first grade girl, she can't remember what she learned about in class that day, but we get a full report about who she played with and what was said at recess. Brooklyn has been so anxious to actually start school that she has been driving us crazy for the last month until it was "her turn". She started school today and unlike Kennady, she told us everything that she learned about. We're just excited that she now has some real friends and hopefully will stop talking about her imaginary friend "Julie".