Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crystal Mountain & Guess Who's Walking

Kennady and Brooklyn have been asking us for weeks if they could go skiing. We weren't quite sure if they would like it or not, but there is a ski resort nearby where kids under 10 ski for free, so we decided to take them. They were both a little nervous at first, but when Kennady got to the top of the first lift she took off down the hill as if she had been skiing her whole life. Brooklyn fell a lot but just giggled and got back up every time and kept going. We ended up staying until closing time and they are already begging to go back again.

Easton is finally walking!

Our little man is finally walking. It seems like he was crawling forever and was driving us crazy because he has been able to walk for a while, but just wouldn't. He would start walking then intentionally fall down and crawl because he could get there faster. Now he thinks that walking is fun and won't let us carry him anymore. He doesn't even like riding in strollers or shopping carts. We fear that Easton has Brooklyn's sense of independence and is going to insist on doing things himself. Also, we stole the idea for the picture above from our good friend Jocelin. She is an amazing photographer and you can see her work at Thanks Jocelin, I hope that was OK!