Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Tara's Aunts house
Last month we took a much-needed vacation to southern California. On the drive down we were able to stop in and stay with my aunt for a night. The kids had so much fun and they are begging to go back. My aunt made a big dinner and all of my cousins came over. It was so good to see them again. It had been a long time and I hadn't seen some of their kids. Brooklyn now thinks she has her very own chicken that lives in California. She tells everybody. It really was a ton of fun.
Here are the chickens
(those are snakes they're holding!)

Midevil Times
Our first night in Anaheim we went and ate at Midevil Times and the kids had a ball. We cheered for the red knight and thanks to our cheering, our knight won. That just made the night even better. We bought our kids little red flags to wave and you should have seen Easton, he was waving it the highest and the fastest. He had a ball.

(The Happiest Place on Earth)
I know it is cheesy but I had to buy matching Disneyland shirts. I think they are pretty cute.
Scott and I decided that this was one of our funnest trips to Disneyland ever. The girls were at a perfect age. They were still young enough for the kids stuff and they were just tall enough for the big stuff. We did it all and loved every minute of it. We could have stayed for a week.

The girls are now Jedi trained. (They love Star Wars)

Scott and I have a theory that Disneyland either brings out the best in people, or the worst in people. I think it brings out the best in the girls. They are so cute together when we are there (and you wonder why we love it so much). It truely is the Happiest Place on Earth.